Reference give me some, if you have any questions, following "common question". Please inform e-mail address () of the inquiry.24I reply within time(excluded on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).Thanking you in advance.

About paying

Q: What kind of means of payment is there?

A:①PAYPALI became able to pay PAYPAL in addition to a credit card debit card in the bank account. The visitor who does not use the card can easily settle relief

②Credit card (Visa, MaterCard are available.)

Specifically, look on the following page.


About an order

Q: An order a change can cancel it?

A: A change and the cancellation are possible, but cannot cancel it with a change before shipment if they send it out. Thank you for your understanding.

Q: I am at a loss about size...

A: Because there is the size eyes cheap face on the product page, give me reference. It is all right even if I have you ask it directly here.


About the situation of the order

Q: I want to confirm order contents.

A: After the settlement of order30I send order contents by an email within a minute. Please confirm it.

Q: An order was automatically canceled. Why is it?

A: ELITIME cannot inspect the bill information that a visitor input. When a bill address does not match the file of a credit card company and the bank, an order is canceled automatically. When an order is canceled, in communication with a card publication organization and the bank, please confirm whether notebook information is right. And, please order it using a correct bill address. 


About transport

Q: I want to chase baggage.

A: I inform a slip number and the website that I can chase by an email if I send out baggage.

Q: Baggage does not arrive. It was lost. What should I do?

A: Don't worry when it is lost when baggage does not arrive because it is a retransmission or refunds it in full after this confirmed it.

Q: The days passed after I send it out, but do not yet arrive. When do you arrive?

A: After shipment usually3-5I am going to arrive as (excluded on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) at hand on a business day. But because there is a case to be mixed up by weather and a traffic condition; from a shipment completion notice1Wait for approximately a week.1When you do not arrive even if it passes in a week, please contact Sagawa Kyubin and this.