return, exchange, cancellation

about the return and exchange of goods

Although you are careful about managing and sending goods, if you have any bad goods (such as failure, corruption), differences in goods, and differences in quantity, you can exchange or return at the time's shipping fee burden. If so, it's a great deal, but after receiving the productwithin 14 daysI'm not sure I'm gonna let you knowemail addressPlease contact me. Please reply from the person in charge within a day.(Except for the Saturday holidays)
If you were damaged when you delivered the bad goods, you should not accept it because you are not involved in the damage after wearing.


If you are a customer, can you return and pay back?

Returns and refunds are possible; apply for return within 14 days of the arrival of the goods, and if you are 14 or more days, you will refuse, though, if you are in favour of the customer, the return fee will be burdened by the customer. (If you send it back with a payout, you will pay back the amount of money that is subtracted from the shipment.) If you want to order more than one product and return one of them, the return is only the product.

Customers usually charge only once a shipping fee (including returns), but the shipping fee for the return and exchange of the customer's convenience (size, order mistakes, and image differences) is a burden for the customer. Please understand that the fees that will be paid for the return fee, the retransmission fee, and the return will be paid by our company.

About how to pay back if you return.
By paying for card payments,
If the cancellation and return product arrives at our company and cancels the credit card company's deadline, it will be paid the following month or the following month. Please contact each card company for more information.

At the bank transfer convenience store, paying customers
After the cancellation and return products arrive at us, you can basically pay back in the form of PAYPAL or ELITIME gift cards, so you can pay back in cash, bank transfer, etc. In the case of return, it will be paid within the date of the 7th day of the commute after confirming the return product. In the case of customer return, the transfer fee on the return will be the burden of the customer.
Please contact me for the details and then guide me.

about exchange

In principle, we do not accept the customer's exchange, so please please please understand.


a case of inability to return

Please note that if you are below, you cannot receive exchanges and returns.

  • 14 days more than the date of the arrival of the product
  • Once you open it, you use it, you use it,
  • If you wear perfume, tobacco, or other smells, or if you have a breakdown in your product, such as chis, dirt, thread, and deformation.
  • Products with cleaning, washing, or reworking, etc.
  • goods without tags or accessories
  • auction goods, goods for sale
  • Any product that is directly skinned, such as untoweredware and stock, can be returned and replaced due to hygiene problems.
  • It is due to customers' convenience, such as different pictures and images, different colors from thought
  • If you don't contact me in advance


about cancellation

Cancellation is possible before shipping, and you will refuse to request cancellation after shipping.

Because it ships a lot, it is a little different from the actual shipping time and the time of shipping mail that you automatically send to the customer.If you want to cancel or change your order, please contact me as soon as possible, and I will be able to do so.

Because of inventory quantity instability, usually due to situations such as campaign periods, cancellations, and commodity changes.If the product you ordered is out of stock, please contact ELITIME by email.

Customers who choose convenience store payments and bank transfers to secure goods inventory as soon as they are completed can secure inventory on the system without completing the payment after ordering, so the product is sold out. I'll ask you to understand how many strokes you have.


Watch out for the return

When you return, send the boxes and accessories you delivered with the product, and when you return, keep the delivery letters and other items. If there is no proof sent, you may be responsible for the loss or misdistribution of the shipment, or you may receive the return in the next case. Please understand.

  • If the delivery troubles did not deliver the goods
  • If the goods were damaged due to delivery troubles
  • If there was a shortage of goods, accessories

If you contact the product you can not return and return it directly, you will be rude, but you will refuse to receive it.

If you have any other unknowns, please contact me casually