How the contract is formed between you and US

1. About payment

 ① Credit card

The following credit card companies can be used.



PAYPAL can now be paid with a bank account in addition to a credit/debit card. Customers who do not use a card can make payments easily and with peace of mind.


PAYPAL Free registration, please go to the following page.


2.About shipping and deliveryabout shipping cost

Standard Shipping: Sagawa Express

・Okinawa prefecture 1200 yenIf you purchase over 1,2000 yen, we will deliver it free of charge. )

Other than Okinawa Prefecture 500 yen (If you purchase 8,000 yen or more, we will deliver it free of charge.)
About shipping methods
    • Shipping company:Sagawa Express 
    • It will be shipped within 1-2 days after receiving your order. (Excluding weekends and holidays)
    • We will notify you by e-mail of the slip number when shipping.
    • It will be delivered within about 3-5 business days after shipment. (Excluding weekends and holidays)
    • Please contact Sagawa Express for luggage status.

     *Delivery may be different from the above without prior notice.

*Due to weather conditions, traffic conditions, and holidays, the delivery date may be exceeded.


3.Return, exchange, cancellation

About product return/exchange

Although we pay close attention to the management and shipping of products, in the unlikely event of "defective products (damage, stains, etc.)", "difference in product" or "quantity difference", we will replace or return the product at our shipping cost. It will be supported. In that case, I am very sorry, but after receiving the productWithin 14 daysContact us ormail addressPlease contact us. We will get back to you within one day. (Excluding weekends and holidays)
* Defective items are only available if they are damaged at the time of delivery. Please note that we do not accept any damage after wearing.


Is it possible to return or refund if it is convenient for the customer?

Returns and refunds are possible. Please submit a return application within 14 days after the item arrives. We regret to say that we do not accept orders over 14 days. However, in case of customer's convenience, the customer will be responsible for the return shipping fee. (If you send it back as freight collect, the amount less shipping fee will be refunded.) If you order multiple items and want to return one of them, only the item will be refunded.

The customer will normally be charged only one shipping fee (including returned goods), but in the case of returning or exchanging due to the customer's convenience (size difference, order mistake, image difference, etc.), the customer will be responsible for the shipping cost. .. Please note that we will be responsible for any return, re-shipping and refund fees.


About exchange

In principle, we do not accept exchanges for the convenience of our customers. Please understand.


Non-returnable case

Please note that we cannot accept exchanges or returns in the following cases.

  • 14 days or more from the date of product arrival
  • Products that have been opened and used, or that have been used
  • If perfume, cigarettes, or other odors are attached due to fitting, or if the product is damaged such as scratches, dirt, frayed threads, or deformation
  • Items that have been cleaned, washed, or modified such as hem repair
  • Products without packages (bags, cases, tags) or accessories
  • Auction products, products for sale
  • Due to hygiene issues, we cannot accept returns or exchanges of products that come into direct contact with the skin, such as antarwear and stock.
  • Due to customer circumstances, such as the image being different from the image or the color being expected
  • Due to customer circumstances such as ordering the wrong product
  • If you have not contacted us in advance


About cancellation

Cancellation is possible before shipping, but we do not accept can billing after shipping. Please note.
If the payment is overdue or the package is returned without being accepted, it will be automatically canceled. If you cancel your order without prior notice, we may decline your order in the future.


Notes on returns

When returning the product, please send the box and accessories that were delivered with the product together. When returning the product, please use a courier service, and be sure to keep a copy of the invoice. If there is no proof of shipment, we will not be responsible for problems such as loss or misdelivery during shipping. In addition, we cannot accept returns in the following cases. Please note.

  • If the item did not arrive due to a delivery problem
  • If the item is damaged due to a delivery problem
  • If the product or accessories are missing



Please note that if you return a non-returnable product directly without contacting us, we will refuse to accept it.

If you have any other problems, please feel free to contact us.